Thursday, October 31, 2019

Analyse and evaluate the impact of volunteer tourism on host Essay

Analyse and evaluate the impact of volunteer tourism on host communities - Essay Example Volunteer tourism is thus aimed at serving for the welfare of the community and at the same time facing the challenges in touring new places of diverse language and culture. Generally mass tourism is viewed as an activity of excursion or entertainment trip that is aimed at refreshment for the people undertaking the tour. The visit to new places is aimed at getting to know the language, culture and heritage of the places. The activities of mass tourism involve leisure with food and lodging, luxurious transport, etc. These activities impact the host community as it leads to environmental pollution and degradation and accumulation of garbage and waste. With the rise in globalization and increase in activities of the tourism industry, the issues of environmental degradation and conservation of wildlife and awareness of pollution have become sensitive issues all over the world. Volunteer tourism is an activity undertaken the volunteer tourists in undertaking tours to different places with an objective to serve for the welfare of the tourist spots (Benson, 2010, p.39). Discussion The activities of volunteer tourism has shifted the objective of tourism from the welfare of tourist industry to the welfare of host community or the places which host the tourist for a being popular destinations. The members of the community view the activities of volunteer tourism as restoration of nature and environmental balance of the host community. As a result of this, the members of the host community engage themselves directly in activities undertaken as a part of volunteer tourism. The members of the host community act in collaboration of the volunteers tourists and extend full co-operation and support to the volunteers in order to accomplish the goals of volunteer tourism. As a result of the volunteer tourism, the tourists are also exposed to the culture, language and social heritage of the area and thus there is a healthy exchange of culture between the local people and the volun teer tourists. The overall purpose of volunteer tourism being aimed at welfare of the host community, the local area is positively impacted by the honest efforts of the volunteer tourists. The volunteer tourists also have the objective of providing assistance to the community development projects that have been planned for execution. In order to be fully effective, the community development projects should be supported with necessary funds along with the knowledge and skill for efficient execution (Bricker,  Black and  Cottrell, 2012, p.49). The community development programmes may be aimed at development of children and women in the region, provision of food and nourishment for the under privileged, conservation of trees and forests, environmental balance, etc. The volunteer tourists play a vital role in collecting the necessary funding and also share the knowledge and skill required for execution of the community development projects. The volunteer tourism activities provide a means for the host community to increase their income levels and also accumulation of wealth. The volunteer tourist activities put up in the target destination for a period of time. Thus the basic and essential needs of the volunteer tourists need to be fulfilled by the economy of the host country. The supply from the host community is purchased by the volunteer tourists due to which the income levels of the host commu

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